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Mike Spaulding

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Award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Spaulding is a rare find in today’s music industry. With a work ethic un-matched by even the most popular artists in the world, Michael brings a diverse ability to strive to perfection at all costs. Through his soaring, passionate, diverse vocal capabilities to his unique, eclectic, technical guitar playing and multi-instrumental talents, there is seemingly nothing he can’t do!

Throughout his music career, Michael has established himself as one of the most sought-after artists not only for his vocal and guitar abilities, but also as a songwriter,co-producer, and arranger for numerous bands and acts in ALL genres. With a resumé as diverse as his music, he has toured/shared the stage with various former bands of his AND as a solo artist with the biggest names in the industry including (to name a few):

3 Doors Down, Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, Aaron Lewis, Korn, Days of the New, Nonpoint, Staind, 10 Years, Soulfly, Clint Lowery (HDMS), Ra, Otep, and the list goes ON AND ON!

In 2009, Michael transitioned into a solo artist, releasing his debut EP “From Then to Now” in which he wrote/recorded ALL music and instruments (except drums) himself. Instantly gaining national radio play and national touring opportunities, Michael kept the intensity going by a non-stop schedule of shows which also showcased his ability to keep a crowd striving for more!

After a short break from music to re-gain his love for music and personal struggles after a seemingly “overnight” EP success, Michael released his official full-length debut “Through These Eyes” in 2014 (beginning of ’15).The album won RAVE reviews from numerous publications (Metronome Magazines Top Album of 2016 for the year prior), top radio stations, and industry legends, which gave Michael even MORE push to keep fighting his way to the top.

Winner of the 2016 Limelight Music Awards ‘Singer/Songwriter of the Year,’ Michael had also released brand new music which has been again getting RAVE reviews, and he ALSO decided to try a new venture: gaining new fans by branching himself as a live solo acoustic artist. Originally meant to be a short experiment, Michael has turned his 1-Man “Acoustic Experience” into one of the TOP solo acoustic acts around. A unique style of multi-looping, showmanship and musicianship, it seems impossible to think you are only seeing 1 man performing what your ears are hearing with his solo acoustic shows, blending nearly EVERY style of music with his own twist, even further showing how endless Michael’s musical capabilities can be.

With an ever growing fan-base, an undeniable work ethic, a “no limits,no bullshit” attitude to which he stays true to, Michael Spaulding is set to be the next artist to show the world you can do ANYTHING when you want it bad enough!!